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    Thursday, November 13th, 2003
    5:43 pm
    Funfunfun. I luuuuuurve online journals!!!

    Gah. Too many exclamation marks.

    My baby sister is going to her first dance tonight. *sniffle* I'm so PROUD of her! Unfortunately, it's a school dance, and those are ALWAYS deadly dull! Widdle baby Marcy is in 6th grade. Awww!
    You may have noticed that for music I put 'One Tree Hill Theme Song'. I watch that show every Tuesday on the WB because it's VERY fun to watch. You should, too.

    Ah, school. Today we have begun the intenst eight days of campaigning for student council. No matter what anyone says, it is ALWAYS a popularity contest. I have already chosen the candidates I dislike the least to vote for, and have gotten my friends to promise to vote for them too. Easy, peasy.

    That's all for now.

    Twoniner (twoniner means goodbye, bizzo means hello)

    Current Mood: amused
    Current Music: One Tree Hill Theme Song
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